180+ Merry Christmas Wishes Text Messages 2020

Happy Holiday season & Merry Christmas! This time is a really amazing and surprising one. Every Christmas Holidays comes with well-favored culture and spirit. We have culture of donation, expressing feelings with gratitude and affection. Similarly, celebration of life helps us to make Christmas even more precious time of year. Christmas is not only festival for Christian people anymore. So, even if you are not a Christian, you can experience their culture of giving which is really this Christmas all about. “This is the season to be Cherish”, as they call! The habit of wishing to others on Christmas is worthwhile. Wait! I am not saying in business point of view! But wishing others on this Xmas occasion with Christmas quotes, Christmas Eve wishes or Merry Christmas images, Christmas card wishes really give us special feeling.

In this article, I am going to share with you my collection of top 50 Merry Christmas Wishes. If you are looking for Short Christmas wishes, then you come to the right place. Greeting people you love with wishes is our tradition. So wish your dear one, family members, and friends with these best Merry Christmas Wishes.
I have collected large collection of wishes for this Christmas 2019. We really hope you will definitely like this collection of Merry Christmas wishes. You can pass this post to your relatives, so they will also enjoy!

    Merry Christmas Wishes:

    1) May the sweetness and spirit of this Christmas 
        fill you with affection and peace, 
        Wishing you Happy Holidays and New year too!

    2) In this Cheerful and Energetic Holidays

        may you obtain numerous reasons to celebrate, 
        Have a Merry Christmas!

    3) May your Christmas be decorated with happiness and filled with love, 

        Have a wonderful Christmas!

    4) Let this Christmas fill you with divine energy, 

        and your home with Cheer, Love and Calm, 
        Have a blessed Christmas!

    5) Take blessings, sing Xmas carols, 

         Open the gifts, and do wish in front of Christmas tree,
         May you have a Merry Christmas!

    6) There are numerous gifts below the Xmas tree, 

         But the surprising one is only you!

    7) May Success be in all your work 

        and you be at the pinnacle of success! 
        This is only prayer in feet of God, 
        Have a wonderful Christmas!

    8) It's the Holidays! Wishing you a marvelous Christmas 

        along with good memories and fortune, 

        Merry Xmas wishes to you!

    9) May this Christmas fill your home with memories you’ll always treasure, 

        Have Merry Christmas!

    10) Wish this Xmas you receive love, happiness 

          and peace and spread it equally with others, 
          Merry Christmas!

    11) Hope this season your life may fill with full of blessings, 

          Wishing you Merry Christmas!

    12) Wish this season brings with love, peace 

          and good mindset to celebrate this festival with new hope, 
          Have a Merry Christmas!

    13) Xmas may be many things for others, 

          I only wish that this Holiday must be best for you,              
          Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

    14) Wishing that when you awake on this Xmas morning 

          you must be feel like Child! 
          Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

    15) Hope may this Xmas your home sparkle along with          

          Gifts and Love! Have a Merry Christmas!

    16) What I want for this season is you, my love. 

          Hope we celebrate this Christmas together 
          Holding hands of each other in all years to come!              
          Merry Christmas my dear!

    17) May your life fill with Fit lifestyle, 

          passionate love and joy along with good tidings too, 

          Have great Holiday and Merry Xmas!

    18) May God fulfill all your desires this is my only wish!         

          Happy Holidays!

    19) May God complete your incomplete dreams and desires! 

          Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays too!

    20) Wish God bless you with Health, wealth, love and happiness, 

          Happy Holidays & Merry Xmas!

    21) The bells ringing now in the tranquility of the snowy land, 

          Santa’s on his way to this special Christmas day, 

          Merry Christmas!

    22) Santa is drawing out his way in the sound of the bells, 

          On this Christmas eve the peaceful land is covered with a white snow!

    23) On this Christmas eve God bless you 

          With peace like the land is covered with a peaceful white snow, Merry Xmas!

    24) May Lord bless you with giving Calm mind, peace in hearts, and spirit of good hopes. 

          Hope all persons bless with this gift!

    25) May hands of my dear one be with me, 

          Not for this Christmas but throughout my life! 

          Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

    26) Hope the love and cheer of Xmas be with you with calm and Success!

          Not only for this year but for all years to come! Merry Xmas!

    27) May Christmas lights brings Success, Happiness and new Hopes, 

          And Christmas carols fill your mind with peace. 

          Merry Christmas!

    28) Holiday season is full of magic with Christmas gifts, 

           And carols make your celebration joyous. 

           Hope this will be the best Xmas ever!

    29) Wish you be blessed with warm blessing of elders 

          With healthy and long life, 
          Have a Happy Holidays and blissful Christmas!

    30) May you be bliss with healthy lifestyle, 

          And success that fill your life everlasting joy, 

          Have a Merry Xmas!

    31) I wish this season make your life holly, jolly and blissful 
    throughout the year, 

          Have a Merry Xmas!

    32) May this Christmas God blessed us to make our hearts open to all people, 

          Have Joyful Holidays and New Year too!

    33) May you have wonderful Xmas and may God gift you with your favorite things 
    and the people you love, 

          I Hope You Have a wonderful Xmas and wish to see you on this season!

    34) Hope you have blissful Holiday with lots of gifts 

          And love coming your way. 

          Have a Merry Christmas!

    35) May this Holiday season make your heart glow with cheer. 

          May you have someone to kiss under mistletoe, 

          Have a wonderful Christmas!

    36) May your life be bright like the Christmas lights 

          And warmth your heart with love, 

          Have a Cheerful Xmas!

    37) Xmas means giving, sharing and spreading love. 

          Wish your home be warmth with lights and singing, 

          Have Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

    38) May the Xmas lights brightness lasts throughout the year, 

          Have a Happy Holidays!

    39) May the star’s sparkling shine on you this season and lasts throughout the year, 

          Have a Happy Holidays!

    40) May the Xmas lights brightness on you this season and lasts throughout the year, 

          Have a Great Holiday season!

    41) Sending you warmth heartfelt wishes and love to have an amazing Holiday season, 

          Wishing you Merry Christmas!

    42) May carols make your celebration better along with friends and Family, 

          Happy Holidays!

    43) Hope you make this Christmas better 

          By sharing your good memories, happiness with your loved one, 

          Have a wonderful Xmas!

    44) May your dreams and wishes come true, 

          Have a wonderful Holidays and Merry Christmas! 

    45) Santa is to come and Christmas spirit fills the home. 

          Let’s celebrate Christmas with Joy, Merry Xmas!

    46) December is to come and Holiday spirit fills the air. 

          Let’s honor this season which is near & dear, 

          Have a wonderful Christmas season!

    47) May Santa brings the best gift of planet & fulfill your wishes too, 

          Have happy Holiday & wonderful Christmas!

    48) Hope your Xmas season filled with fun & surprises. 

          Be thankful to God for his warmth blessings, 

          Have a wonderful Christmas!

    49) Wish you have a wonderful, peaceful, cheerful Christmas 

          And may God make your dreams come true, 

          Have a Merry Christmas!

    50) May God fulfill your desires and make your dreams come true, 

          Have Joyful Holidays and wonderful Xmas!

    51) Xmas makes possible to receive amazing gifts, 

          Warm greetings and spending time with our loving family, 

          Have a wonderful and blissful Christmas!

    52) Let us celebrate this wonderful magical time of Xmas with fun and surprises, 

          I hope have a Great Christmas!

    53) If I would tell Santa what gift should bring for you then it will love & peace, 

          God bless you and have a Merry Xmas!

    54) May this season Santa bring to you gifts of love, and calm, 

          Happy Holidays!

    55) This Christmas Eve, let us have the mindset to focus on things other than selfies, 

          Happy holidays and Merry Christmas!

    56) Wishing you along with your family very happy and white Christmas, Happy Holidays!

    57) Cutting the miles of distance, bringing the warmth wishes. 

         No matter how far we are, Christmas will always bring us closer together! 

         Have Cheerful Christmas Holidays!

    58) Have a wonderful, and enjoyable Holiday and Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas Wishes for Text Messages:

    Looking for best Christmas wishes to write in Holiday cards! Don’t worry. Today I am here to help you to find short Merry Christmas wishes. Following are topmost filtered wishes that you may like. If you want to make your unique then combinations of this wishes.-

    1)    I Wish this Holiday came up with Cheerful and Prosperous Life!

    Cheerful Merry Christmas

    2)    I am Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Prideful and Successful New Year!

    Merry Christmas and New Year Wish

    3)    I hope this season will bring you New Energy to start your Better Life!

    Life with Christmas

    4)    Have Enjoyable and Happy Holiday!

    Santa Wishes

    5)    Have a Happy New Year & Merry Christmas!

    Christmas and New Year

    6)    I wish this Christmas Holiday Season

            Bring to you Colorful Memories,
            And Success with Pride and Happiness!

    Happines with Christmas Holidays

    7)    Wishing you best luck for this Christmas Season and New Year, 

            Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Christmas Holiday Season

    8)    Let’s stop remembering the dark past and live a Colorful Present. 

            I really wish to see you this Christmas season!

    Merry Christmas Wishes

    Merry Christmas Wishes for Cards:

    1)    I wish this Christmas Holiday you would receive

           Peace, Happiness and Love throughout the year!
           Wishing you Merry Christmas!

    Christmas Greeting Cards

    2)    Hope this Christmas Season you would receive the Best Gift of all,

            Best one to make part of your delightful life, 
            Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas Gifts

    3)    If I could tell Santa what gift he should bring to you,        

            Well, it would be Peaceful, Cheerful and Successful Life!

            Not just for this Christmas season,

            But for the whole year.

    Best Wishes for Christmas

    4)    May this Holiday season be     

            Lot more than just Christmas Season,        

            But a new Positive way of Life

    Christmas Inspiration

    5)    I wish this Christmas season

            come with good Fortune and Success,

            simply because you deserve it!

    Merry Christmas Wishes

    6)    I hope this Christmas Season

            Bring to you with the new Surprises,

            that would fulfill your deficient Desires

    and Goals in your life!

    Wishing you Merry Christmas!

    Teachings of Christianity

    1) A snowy land is peaceful,    
       This dark night is cheerful,    
       Stars above are sparkling,    
       Wishing you Have a lovely Christmas!

    2) I would send you a Christmas Greetings, 

        But I don’t know where to buy stamp paper, 

        How to address an envelope, 

         And also I want to save your time for going to your mailbox!

    3) It’s Xmas day and I want to say thanks for your generosity and all that you do for me. 

        Have a best Christmas wishes!

    4) It’s not worth the Christmas celebration without you nearby. 

        I really missing you whenever this special time of year comes.

    5) On this Christmas Eve I hope all your dreams comes to true, 

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

    6) Wishing you will have the best Christmas this year, 

        From far away from the bottom of my heart.

    7) I am missing you from bottom of my heart 

        So I’m wishing you in hopes we could celebrate the Christmas together!

    8) Let’s welcome the Xmas with open arms, 

        May it bring new spirit of work and energy.

    9) Distance doesn’t matter when it comes to heart to heart relation. 

        So, my heart is with you on this Xmas!

    10) I could come to be with you this Christmas 

          But I’m already with you in your heart!

    11) Modern technology makes the magic of Science 

          Likewise Christmas makes magic in our hearts.

    12) Have a Prosperous New Year 

          & my best wishes for a Merry Christmas!

    13) Curiosity makes creative thoughts in our mind, 

          Hope makes encouragement towards these thoughts, 

          Faith increase our confidence to work to implement these thoughts, 

          Dedication make all these thoughts in reality. 

          May you have Curiosity, creativeness, Hope, 

          Courage, Faith, Confidence, Dedication to make all thoughts in reality.

    14) Instead of copied greetings from Facebook, 

          I thought I should send you the greetings in more personalized way. 

          Wishing, you Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!

    15) May the mercy of our jolly father be with you       
          On this holly Christmas day!

    Funny Christmas Wishes:

    1) Christmas provide you extra days off from your work, 

        So be thankful to Jesus for his grace!

    2) This year, Kids who ignore their work will be getting a visit from chief spirit of evil, 
        Thanks to Autocorrect!

    3) We can count the thoughts, 
        But here I arranged lot of thoughts in to Xmas card for you!

    4) Guess what the best thing happened on Christmas, 
        Well its Office Xmas party.
        It’s best occasion to meet & greet with people
        Who have communicating with emails from far away throughout the year.

    5) Men are like a Christmas ornaments: 

        Colorful, bright as well as well hung!

    6) This Xmas card is very special, wondering why? 

        Reasons: 1) It is not an email 2) It is not a text.

    7) Wealth is exiguous, times are difficult, 

        But I still cumulated to get an Xmas Greeting for you!

    8) The Xmas Card from Advocate: 

        Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 
        Disclaimer: i) The terms “Merry” and “Happy” 
        should not be compose or arranged as a legal advice. 
        ii) Wisher of this wish claims not liability. 
        iii) The word “Xmas” should be taken as including any 
         And on all other Holidays, religious that occur in or around the same of year.

    9) Breaking news: It’s very sad to inform you, 

        This year’s Xmas is cancelled due to heavy snowfall. 

        On other hand Santa died laughing 

        When You told him you were good!

    10) Can you give me one photo of you, to tell Santa 

          What gift I want this Christmas?

    11) Does everyone feel it strange that 

          We allow old aged, humpty-dumpty man to illegally 

          sneak into our home in midnight, 

          Drink milk & eat cookies as well as deposit his scrap?

    12) I’m forever and a day on the mischievous list & damn proud it too!

    13) When daughter and me went to mall to see Santa and guess what that jerk did? 

          He called daughter with “ho” three times!

    14) One night before Xmas that’s the, only night 

          When everyone throughout home was on their smartphone.

    15) Can you guess what’s the special on every Christmas? 

          Well, that’s the Birthday of Santa!

    16) Xmas is only the season when every person wants to be in present forgetting frightful past!

    17) Today, Supreme Court announced that they cannot have Christmas nascence scene throughout Washington, D.C. 

          Reason behind was not religious, they could not find three sensible men and a vestal.

    18) Again we have Holiday season to come, 

          Very holly religious time that everyone obtained their own way with visiting to the mall of their own choice.

    19) I believing in Santa Claus until I was six. 

          Then my mother took me in departmental store see him and he asked for my autograph.” 

    20) Guess, Santa loves Physics or not? 

          Throughout colors, only Red light penetrates the fog best. 

          That’s the reason Benny the Blue nosed reindeer never ever got the gig.

    21) I roll up my Xmas gift so early this year, but I paste wrong label. 

          See the label I used said “Happy Birthday” on it. 

          I didn’t want to waste the gifts so I wrote “Jesus” on it”

    Merry Christmas Wishes for Friends:

    1) You made my life as bright as Christmas tree. 

        I feel proud to be your friend.

    2) Xmas time is to come and thanks to friends like you to be here!

    3) Xmas comes once in year so thanks to friends to be here! 

        I’m full of cheer!

    4) God cannot individually help us that may reason he friend like you! 

        Hope to see you this Christmas!

    5) You are like the Christmas blessing that comes & transforms my life!

    6) Christmas Gift should be like you loving, caring, bright, and like stars!

    7) Merry Christmas my dear friend, thank you for all cheers you just send! 

        Have a Happy New Year to you, may you have jolly year.

    8) Have Merry Xmas my dear, 

        I will tell what you mean to me, 

        You’re as precious as Gold, as bright as a star, & as beautiful as an angel.

    9) Nowhere I found Xmas gift that can show you how much I care. 

        You’re only my best friend in world & I will carry in my heart forever.

    10) My most valuable treasure in life is your friendship, 

          Merry Christmas dear friend!

    11) I’m really excited to celebrate Xmas with you friend, 

          My confidence, my inspiration, and my hero.

    12) Your love & friendship is my best Xmas gift I’ve ever got. 

          May the light of Xmas candles brighten your New Year.

    13) Merry Christmas my friend, may you have happy, healthy, surprising New Year. 

          May your success touch the peak of Himalayas.

    14) Xmas is so special because of celebration with friends like you, 

          Merry Christmas my dear!

    15) Wishing your life be full of wonders as you fill my life with amazing friendship. 

          I’m so grateful to have you as my friend. 

          Merry Christmas & have an amazing New Year!

    16) I wish Merry Christmas to my best friend forever. 

          Santa always know what I want that may the reason he bought you in my life!

    17) It’s friends like you that make this Holidays so magical, energetic & special. 

    18) May you have great holidays my friend, 

          Only person knew me very well along with my faults, 

          Still with me to correct these faults.

    19) Best friends just like guardian angels, 

          Continuously looking out to protect and guide you. 

          Have Merry Christmas dear!

    20) Friendship means class enjoyment together, parties together 

          Likewise celebration of Christmas together!

    21) Your Friendship means lot to me, 

          You make me feel energetic, cheerful all time, so is the greatest Xmas present for me. 

          Thanks for such awesome memories.

    22) We are friends so I am not wishing you happiness, love and peace. 

          I wish may you become a millionaire, your alcohol supply shouldn’t be deficit 

          And may you have lots of beautiful lovers, 

          Have a Merry Christmas!

    23) This month of year sucks, but it sucks not so much 

          When I ride out with friends like you! 

          Hope to see you this Xmas!

    24) Thanks for always being with in every aspect of my life. 

          You are the invaluable gem in my life. 

          Thanks for being such an amazing friend. 

          Have a wonderful Christmas my friend! 

    Merry Christmas Wishes for Family:

    1) We may not be sharp, we may have some defects, 
            But one thing for sure, we all love Santa Claus!

    2) Merry Christmas Mom & Dad. 
            Thanks for making it so special, 
            I always love to recall my childhood memories in this time of Holidays.

    3) Merry Christmas to my dear Sister. 
            We may sometimes quarrel and disagree, 
            But at least we get along under the Xmas tree!

    4) Merry Christmas! my dear child, 

            Thank you for being the biggest gift of my life.

    5) Merry Christmas to the greatest and precious parents of the world. 

            Thank you for making my childhood full of cheer & Xmas spirit.

    6) I never ask to Santa to gift me a better family, 

           Though thanks for giving me family that I’m always grateful about.

    7) Have a wonderful Christmas my great Sister 

            & Thanks for always there for me, whenever I needed you.

    8) Merry Xmas to my dear brother, 

            You are the special gift of my life. 

            So Santa sent you without asking for!

    9) Christmas isn’t being memorial without being with family. 

            So, even we are far away this year, 

            The remembrance of all Xmas past makes me cheerful.

    10) I’m so glad that you developed as such a wonderful person, 

            I feel to be prideful. Have a wonderful Christmas my Angel.

    11) I look forward to celebrating this Xmas with you my dear, 

            I’m very fortunate to have such a nice family.

    12) Loving, supporting in my decisions, 

            And guiding me throughout life is the best gift

            That you’ve given me from my first Xmas. 

            Mom really, no one can take your position in my life!

    13) Merry Christmas Mom, thanks for giving me life, 

            for your unconditional love, thanks you for raising me, 

            thanks for everything you did for me, 

            I’m so lucky to have such great mom!

    14) Thanks for gate up like Santa Claus on Xmas, 

            thanks for being unbreakable support of my life 

            And giving support like my best friend I will ever have.

    15) Having Mom & Dad like you are the best Xmas gift I ever had. 

            I always thankful to Santa for such blissful gift.

    16) Each one of you are is priceless for me, 

            I’m really blissful to be in this family. 

            May God make our home cheerful at this Christmas!

    17) You are such invaluable blessing in our life; 

            We’re proud to be your parents. 

            Merry Xmas my dear with lots of love!

    18) Seeing you while opening your Xmas gifts 

            With smiling face is the only greatest gift for me I could ever get. 

            Have a wonderful Christmas with lots of love!

    19) Hope Santa will wrap you perfectly before Xmas, 

          Because the gift I want from Santa on this Christmas is only you here with me!

    20) I don’t want gift from Santa Claus 

          Because I was already blessed with such an amazing family. 

            Have a great Christmas!

    Christmas Wishes Quotes:

    1) Christmas gifts and joy make wonderful time,
        But bad thing here is Christmas comes once a year! 

    2) When Christmas comes, vehicles on road leads the home.

    3) Christmas occasion is special 

        Because its only days of year that fill us with new Energy to start new year.

    4) Peaceful Fields of snow, sweet voices from lands, Decorations of home, 

        Cheerful Environment want to say something to you, Merry Christmas!

    5) Happiness like Christmas on our lovely earth 

        Will stay till we live Peaceful life every day.

    6) We should live Xmas every day to stay happy and peaceful!

    7) Xmas is neither an occasion nor the season, 

        But the condition of mind in which people loves to cheer, 

        make goodwill, and spreading the spirit of Christmas everywhere.

    8) Xmas is like a magic that makes our earth softer as well as more beautiful.

    9) Oh Lord, may always have blessings on us, 

        Teach us to be tolerant with peaceful mind, always be merciful towards us.

    10) Christmas Eve brings a new hope to life and brings joy to your life.

    11) Xmas eve make the fire in the hurts of people to be truly Successful in their life. 

    12) I don’t think Christmas is only for Christians, 

            Because it teaches being good to one another 

            Without discriminating the caste or religion.

    13) Dream of Christmas is just like 

          Every child dreams at least once in their lifetime. 

          Hope to Have a wonderful Xmas.

    14) Xmas is the day that holds the special time tighter.

    15) Santa knows the difference in good and bad girls 

          This may be reason Santa is always jolly.

    16) Christmas not only comes from shopping and stores, 

           What if Xmas probably means a little bit more?

    17) Xmas is doing a little bit extra 

          For every special person in your life.

    18) There may be so many valuable gifts 

          Around the Xmas tree 

          But the presence of a happy family is the priceless gift of Lord.

    19) It is Christmas in our heart that puts Xmas in our surrounding.

    20) Christmas isn’t only as much about opening our gifts as opening our mind

    21) This may be the message of Xmas: 

         “Christmas is our culture.”

    22) Christmas celebrated everywhere 

          Because it’s the festival of happiness that everyone wants.

    23) Great occasion comes with great festival like Christmas.

    24) Xmas not only means Xmas tree, 

           Gifts but it means Happy family around that Christmas tree 

           And smiling faces opening these presents.

    25) If Cakes along with Candy and nuts, 

          Wouldn’t it be a Merry Xmas?

    26) Xmas not only makes a time for festivity but its more than that. 

          It’s time for meditating eternal things. 

         The Xmas spirit awakens our mind for giving and forgiving.

    27) We should have Xmas is in our action 

          Rather than just in thoughts.

    28) Santa Claus is just like Xmas, 

          Jolly as well as generous!

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